Download KineMaster Diamond MOD Apk (No Watermark) 2022 Premium Unlocked

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Kinemaster Diamond Mod Apk is the popular version of Kinemaster Mod Apk. And it is booming on the internet to download for free. It is a very useful app with advanced editing tools and unlimited features without watermark and Ads. You can download it for free and can use it safely without crashing your phone.

Download Kinemaster Diamond Mod Apk 2022

kinemaster diamond

Kinemaster Diamond Mod apk is one of the famous versions of Kinemaster Mod Apk. Because it has the coolest theme of a diamond. All the interface of the apk is Diamond Theme or you can say that the tab and buttons are blue.

Furthermore, it has more features than other Kinemaster such as Pro, Green Kinemaster and Premium.

Kinemaster with its new diamond interface, grants users access to premium features and paid tools in the official app.

The app looks great in the blue theme that it provides. Video Editor is the most popular video editing app for YouTubers, including those who recommend it.

Most people say on the internet– This is your only option if you want a professional video editor on your mobile device.

Description Of Kinemaster Diamond

App Name Kinemaster Diamond Mod Apk
Installs10 Million
Current Versionv5.2.9.23390.GP
Requires Androidandroid 5 and up
Developed ByKinemaster Apk Community
Mod Apk FeaturesPremium Unlocked
UpdatedThis Month

Features Of Kinemaster Diamond

I’ve included the entire Kinemaster Diamond Mod Apk features and tools in this section. These all features make it a professional video editor.

The professional video editor means the collection of all tools and kits that you get on a PC. These features help YouTubers a lot.

Kinemaster Diamond Chrome Key

kinemaster diamond chroma key

Kinemaster Chroma Key is the most helpful and popular feature in a Video Editor. YouTubers, influencers, creators, commercial videos, and businesses may all benefit from it.

The Chroma Key or Green Screen Remove removes the solid background from videos. Footage in chroma key refers to footage shot on a green screen or in solid colour.

You can use Chroma Key to make a section of a Video Layer translucent depending on its colour. In Chroma Key, you can choose from the following options.

  • Enable
  • Foreground Cutoff
  • Background Cutoff 
  • Key Color
  • Detail Curve
  • Show Mask

If you do not have KineMaster Green Video you can download it from Pixbay, Pexels and other royalty-free videos.

KineMaster Transitions Effects

Technically a transition is a link between two different clips.

We can add some visually appealing transitions to our videos with the help of the KineMaster Pro Video Editor. KineMaster has the option to add text transitions, which is a good feature.

We receive a large number of free transitions that are visually appealing. You can also get 3D transitions. Presentation Transitions, Sentimental Transitions, Travel Transitions, and so on are all available.

KineMaster Diamond Export Video

kinemaster diamond export video

Exporting A Video means collecting all the layers, videos, images, texts, transitions, effects and more etc then forming a single .mp4 video.

Consider the following scenario: you have just finished editing a video file in KineMaster. So you’d like it to show up on your gallery or in video players like Playit or MX Player.

To achieve a better and faster export, you’ll need to export your videos from KineMaster Pro Video Editor.

Kinemaster Diamond 2022 has solved the bug of Exporting Video. Using the Diamond Version of it you can easily and fastly export your video without fail.

The Bitrate

Bitrate is a rate quantity of transmitting data for video/audio quality. bps, kbps and Mbps are units of it.

Bitrate is also known as video/audio quality, and it is typically measured in bps (bits per second), kbps (kilobits per second), and Mbps (megabits per second) in KineMaster.

Here are some practical numbers for the quality of videos on YouTube.

  • 5 – 8 Mbps for 720p (HD)
  • 8 – 12 Mbps for 1080p (Full HD)
  • 35 Mbps + 2160p (4k or UHD)
Remember The list above is similar to what YouTube suggests to its creators (Youtubers) when they upload videos to YouTube.


FPS stands for Frames Per Second. The frame rate is responsible for smooth video playback. As a result, the most common number for videos is 30 frames per second.

However, if you want to make your videos look even smoother. Make sure to choose the highest FPS available in KineMaster, which is 60 FPS.

Your videos will have a buttery smooth look to them. The disadvantage is that the export time will be extremely long.

The Resolution

Resolution defines the quality of videos. The more pixels a video has, the sharper it is. The following is a list of all the Export options available in KineMaster Premium Pro Video Editor.

  • 360p
  • 480p
  • 540p
  • 720p (HD)
  • 1080p (Full HD)
  • 2160p (4k and Ultra HD)

Why Download Kinemaster Diamond Apk

kinemaster premium price

As you know Kinemaster on Play Store is Free to download, install and use. You can also free use various editing tools such as text with limited font, stickers with limited 3d stickers, effects only mosaic and blur, chroma key and animation tool with the free version.

But when you will export the edited video you get a “made with KineMaster” watermark on your video. That is bad for your branding and video creation.

And also when you download the Kinemaster app from the store you can see the Contains Ads and In-App Purchase which means that either you have to watch different ads or you have to pay some amount to access the Kinemaster Premium 2022.

If you want to remove the watermark and advertisements, you must purchase a Subscription or Kinemaster Premium. Kinemaster subscription costs approximately Rs 610 per month and Rs 3,570 per year in India. 

When you pay the premium price to Official Kinemaster downloading from PlayStore you get the following benefits:

  • Extra Support: You will get extra support from Kinemaster. You can ask any question regarding the app tools they will provide you with the solution on your E-mail.
  • Premium Unlocked: Surely you will get access to complete tools.
  • No Ads: Buying the Kinemaster Premium makes you free from Ads.
  • No Watermark: Unlimited Access on Removing the “KineMaster” watermark.
  • Awesome Asset Access: You can use the Awesome Asset Store.

As you know that is why you have searched Kinemaster Diamond. Sure you will get the Kinemaster Premium 2022 completely for free. You do not have to pay any money. You will get complete access to Premium Features.

What’s New

  • Completely Unlocked Premium
  • No advertisements and Watermark
  • Complete Access To The Awesome Asset Store
  • Real-time video and audio capture
  • Trimming the Voice Over Frame by Frame
  • Every edit has an instant preview.
  • Controlling the brightness In terms of hue, brightness, and saturation
  • Audio filters, including a voice changer
  • Controlling the speed of video clips
  • Layers of video, image, effect, overlay, sticker, text, and handwriting
  • More effects, royalty-free soundtracks, overlays, and stickers are available.
  • Transitional Effects (3D transitions, wipes, fades, and more)
  • There are numerous themes, animations, and visual and audio effects to choose from.
  • Extra Support and Help
  • Login

Kinemaster Diamond New Version

There are different versions of Kinemaster Apk. All are unique in their functionality. Here are some MOD that you can download from here.

  • Kinemaster Diamond Blue
  • Green Kinemaster
  • Kinemaster Pro Apk

How to Install Kinemaster Diamond Apk

  • Firstly, successfully download Kinemaster Diamond Apk.
  • Once it is downloaded, go to the Settings to enable the Unknown Sources.
  • In the settings of your phone, click on Security.
  • Now you have to scroll down and then enable the toggle.
  • After completing this process go to the Files.
  • In the files, click on APK. Now click on Kinemaster Apk File.
  • Now open it and click on Install.


Finally, we’ve included all of the guidelines and reviews for Kinemaster Diamond 2022, including pricing and a comprehensive evaluation.

You should watch Kinemaster Tutorials From YouTube if you want to learn more about it and how to make good videos with it.

Working Kinemaster Pro Apk downloads are always provided so that you can enjoy Kinemaster Premium for free. Please move to the home page of our website. KineMaster is available in a variety of helpful versions.

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