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Green Kinemaster Mod apk 2022 [Updated] (MOD/Unlocked) Download

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Download The Latest Green Kinemaster Mod Apk 2022 with an Updated version and also with updated new premium features, No Watermark, No Ads and Without Export Bug.

Green Kinemaster Mod Apk Full Unlocked Free Download the flagship version of Gree Kinemaster Mod Apk. Downloading green kinemaster can benefit you with no lags, no crashes, no export delay and many more. Here is a simple downloading link to G-Drive. So that you get the malware-free Green Kinemaster 2022.

Here I have provided the complete review and Information on Green Kinemaster 2022. Do must-read.

Apk Name
Green Kinemaster 2022
10,000+ on our website
Current Version
Requires Android
7.0 and up
Mod Apk Features
Updated Premium Unlocked+No Watermark
This Month

What Is Green Kinemaster Mod Apk?

green kinemaster mod apk 2022

You will be surprised knowing that on Google every month about 4,50,000 people search for Kinemaster Mod Apk. And also people search for an alternative such as Green Kinemaster, Kinemaster Diamond, Kinemaster Premium, Red even IndonesiašŸ˜€.

Result according to Ubersuggest

You can see above that how many people monthly search for a Kinemaster Mod. Here we will provide you with the information on Green Kinemaster Pro Apk which is the latest updated version of it.

As you know that if you have downloaded the Kinemaster- Video Editor on PlayStor you have got the limited features, Disturbing Ads and Watermark ” made with KineMaster ” on your video.

But when you download the Green Kinemaster Mod Apk 2022 you get all the premium features completely for free. You do not need to take Kinemaster Premium for these features, no watermark and no ads.

Let’s see how a Kinemaster Mod Apk provides you with whole features completely for free!

If you have first time heard the word MOD then you have to read this section about how a moded apk made and how you can download and utilize it with your Android Device.

What is Mod Apk a mod apk is a modded version of the Original Application. The moded means the real developer has developed the application but the anonymous cracks the Mod Application and then they modify the original application into a Mod Apk.

Most of the Time the mod apk is made by unknown developers all over the world. Sometimes the original developer himself develop the Mod Version for example the Mini Militia and Minecraft Mod Apk were launched by officials.

Green Kinemaster is not an original application made by the Kinemaster Corporation. It is neither a several version of the original one. The Green Kinemaster is a Mod Apk developed by an unknown on the internet.

The objective behind developing a Mod Apk is that people can enjoy the Application completely for free without any subscription plan and Ads.

No company owns a Mod Apk of an application on the Internet. You can download the application from many different websites such as us for example renowned Apkpure, Happy mod and Digitbin.

If you want to make your own mod apk then you must have knowledge of programming language for example JAVA and you know how to use Android Studio. Note that you can only modify the serverless application. Means you can mod the Kinemaster not PubG or FreeFire.

System Requirements For Green Kinemaster 2022

AS we have already mentioned that the Mod Apk is mostly available for Android devices. So here we have listed some mobile devices and the android version required to utilize the Green Kinemaster Apk.

AndroidAndroid Version
Vivov7 and v8
Oppov9 and v10
And many more with Android 5 and up to 12v11 and v12

Kinemaster Premium Free

As you know that the Kinemaster-Video Editor is the original application but people always search for Kinemaster Mod Apk instead of taking the Kinemaster Premium.

Kinemaster Premium costs about INR 610 for a month while INR 3570 for an annual subscription. People do not want to pay the amount hence they search for Green Kinemaster and Various versions of Kinemaster on the internet.

Here we have provided the Green Kinemaster Mod Apk full review so that you can easily download the application without any doubt.

firstly, you have to know why to choose Green Kinemaster Apk in 2022.

Features Of Green Kinemaster Mod Apk 2022

kinemaster premium unlocked

The Green Kinemaster Older version is now updated in the year 2022. We have the latest version of Green Kinemaster Mod 2022.

Here is what you were getting in Green Kinemaster 2021 Older version:

  • Completely Unlocked Premium
  • No advertisements and Watermark
  • Complete Access To The Awesome Asset Store
  • Real-time video and audio capture
  • Trimming the Voice Over Frame by Frame
  • Every edit has an instant preview.
  • Controlling the brightness In terms of hue, brightness, and saturation
  • Audio filters, including a voice changer
  • Controlling the speed of video clips

And here is what you will get with the updated new version of Green Kinemaster Apk 2022:

Kinemaster Premium Fully Unlocked

With Green Kinemaster Pro Apk you have access to Kinemaster Premium. Now you do not have to pay single money to access the Kinemaster Premium. You will get all access to Premium Features such as No Ads, No Watermark, Unlimited stickers and soundtracks.

You can also get access to Awesome Asset Store with updated videos, stickers, layers, filters, effects and texts or fonts. And you can further export the high-end quality of the video.

Android Scoped Storage

This is the latest update of Green Kinemaster v5.2.1.23250.GP [mod premium unlocked]. The android scoped storage means now the Kinemaster will save all the edits on your device. So that whenever you will reinstall the Kinemaster you will get all your edits.

Furthermore, Android Scoped storage provides you to make your projects and then save them with an extension called .kine. The .kine file can be determined as a preset file. You can share it with your friend. Your friend can access his Kinemaster.

One-Click Share

Now you do not have to export to share your videos on Social Media platforms. The new version of Green Kinemaster has the feature Share Without Export.

When you complete your video editing you can see a share button, clicking on it you can choose a platform such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok etc you do not have to specifically choose the bitrate for the various platform.

This new feature automatically chooses the right quality, resolution and bitrate of video according to the Platform.

Export Bug Solved

The older version of Green Kinemaster had the Export Video problem. But the latest and updated version of it the Green Kinemaster Mod Apk 2022 has solved the Export Bug.

With Green Kinemaster Pro 2022 you can export the following resolution and quality of videos:

  • 4K (2160p quality)
  • UHD (1440p quality)
  • FHD (1080p quality)
  • HD (720p quality)
  • also 480p, 360p. 280p, and 144p low qualities

Green Kinemaster Chroma Key Feature

kinemaster chroma key

Green Kinemaster provides you with the advanced and working without failed masking Chroma Key. Chroma Key allows you to remove the background of your image in the condition that the background must be a Solid Colour such as Green or Blue.

The background that we want to remove from our video using the Kinemaster Chroma Keying process is known as Green Footage.

The Kinemaster is mostly used because of its user-friendly interface and ease to learn also for Chroma Key. Because before Kinemaster Mobile App the Chroma Key advanced editing was available only for Computer Sofware such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Filmora Go and PowerDirector.

The Kinemaster Chroma Key includes the following tools and functions to perform the Keying Process:

  • Enable: It is the switch for the Chroma Key tool. When you right the toggle it enables you to start the Chroma key options and left the toggle enables you to turn off the Chroma Key.
  • Foreground Cutoff and Background Cutoff: It is the cutoff of the background green area to remove from the video. 
  • Key Color: The Key Color determines what is deleted. The key colour is the one that isn’t shown on the screen. You can choose from a pre-made colour palette or create your own.
  • Detail Curve – Changes the blending levels of the foreground and background cutoffs.
  • Show Mask – The transparency level of the current object is displayed. White areas of the screen are completely translucent, whereas black parts are visible.

Green Kinemaster Mod Apk Export Video Without Watermark

green kinemaster export video

Latest Green Kinemaster 2022 allows you to export high-quality videos without a watermark. Though this Green Kinemaster has updated 2022 so that the export bug has been removed.

The Resolution:

You can export for different resolutions with different framerate and bitrate. You should know about these terms Resolution, Framerate and Bitrate. The resolution of a video is what determines its quality. The sharper a video is, the more pixels it has. The following is a list of all of Green Kinemaster Pro Video Editor's Export choices.

720p (HD)
1080p (Full HD)
2160p (4k and Ultra HD)
The FPS:

FPS stands for First Person Shooter in video games, while FPS stands for Frames Per Second in videos. Smooth video playback is dependent on the frame rate. 

As a result,30 frames per second is the most frequent video frame rate. 

If you want to make your movies look even smoother, though, Make sure to select the highest frame rate in Green KineMaster, which is 60 frames per second. 

Your videos will have a silky smooth appearance.The disadvantage is that the export process will take a long time.
The Bitrate:

Bitrate refers to the speed at which data is conveyed. In KineMaster, bitrate is also referred to as video/audio quality and is measured in bps (bits per second), kbps (kilobits per second), and Mbps (megabits per second). 

Let me give you a useful number to utilise when exporting videos from KineMaster without sacrificing video quality.

For 720p, you'll need 5 to 8 Mbps (HD)
For 1080p, you'll need 8 to 12 Mbps (Full HD)
2160p + 35 Mbps (4k or UHD)

Remember When YouTube creators (Youtubers) post videos to YouTube, the list above is comparable to what YouTube proposes.

The export and editing in Green Kinemaster depend on the capability of your device for Kinemaster. So you must know the Device Capability of your phone for Green Kinemaster Pro Apk 2022.

How To Check Device Capability For Green Kinemaster Mod Apk 2022

device capability information for kinemaster

The Device Capability Information is very important to know while you are working with any version of Kinemaster. Kinemaster is made for every version of Android but every device has not been made for Kinemaster.

You must know your device capability for Kinemaster App. If you use this information and you will add the video layers according to it you will never get the Export and Crash problem of Kinemaster on your Device.

To Know the Device’s Capability you must have to download the Green Kinemaster and has to install it on your device successfully.

When you open the Green Kinemaster. You have to go to Settings. And then click on Device Capability Information. Now start scanning your device you will get the information according to the above picture.

The above picture describes the Device Capability information of the Samsung Phone. This is called the chipset of your phone. It will show your moded name and chipset code with Resolution.

You can see two pieces of information- Firstly Edit and Share and secondly the number of video layers.

Edit And Share: It shows that you can maximise how much resolution of video can edit, export and share using Kinemaster on your device. Here for example Samsung phone can edit, export and share the 2160p quality video with Kinemaster.

Amount Of Video Layers: It shows how many numbers of which resolution of the video you can add a video layer on a single project in Kinemaster with your device. Here for example with Samsung, you can add the following resolution of videos with number layers:

Quality and Resolution of videosNumber of video layers you can add
216p or 4K2 layers
1080p or FHD4 layers
720p or HD4 layers
480p or Standard8 layers

Green Kinemaster Mod Apk Download And Install

green kinemaster mod apk download

Here is the whole process on how you can download Green Kinemaster Mod Apk without watermark with the G-Drive link. So we provide the G-Drive link of any apk file because it is safe and easy to download from any device.

  • Firstly click on the Download link of the Green Kinemaster Apk File above.
  • When you will click on it you will get a google drive page with a No Preview and Download button.
  • Click on Download Button. And then you will again redirect to a warning or confirmation page.
  • Now click on Download Anyway. Your apk file will start downloading without any extra page jump.
  • As your downloading become successfully done you have to install it.
  • For installation, you must have to enable the Unknown Sources.
  • You can enable it from your device setting. Search the unknown source and then enable the toggle.
  • Now again you have to click on the Apk file then you have to click on the green Install button.
  • Your installation will be complete very soon.
  • Hurrah your installation is done.

FAQ on Green Kinemaster

Is Green Kinemaster the same as Diamond Kinemaster?

Yes, the whole functions and features are the same in both Kinemaster Diamond and Green Kinemaster. Just differences are in the theme or interface of the Kinemaster. Green Kinemaster has green looks while diamond has a blue diamond look.

Does Green Kinemaster ask for a Login?

No, any mod apk will never ask you to log in for accessing the apk. If any app is asking for a login do not use it. Uninstall the application.

Is Kinemater Mod Apk safe?

Yes, the Kinemaster Mod Apk downloading on kinemastermod. download or PlayStore is safe.


Finally, we’ve included all of the Green Kinemaster Pro Apk 2022 recommendations and reviews, as well as pricing and a thorough evaluation.

If you want to learn more about Kinemaster and how to make good videos with it, you should watch YouTube Kinemaster Tutorials.

Kinemaster Pro Apk downloads are always available, allowing you to use Kinemaster Premium for free. Please return to our website’s home page. KineMaster comes in a range of useful editions.

Please leave a comment and sign up for the website. Please forward this message to your friends. Thank you so much for everything.

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